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    Here are your opinions regarding ionised alkaline water:

    Today, we have received the documents of analytical tests from one of our customers concerning the level of cholesterol and triglycerides. The tests concerned a 39-year-old male. The first test was performed on 1 August 2013 before drinking water. The results are as follows: 1. cholesterol level 223 mg/dl – normal level 120-190 mg/dl (exceeded by 15%), 2. triglycerides 188 mg/dl – normal level 35-150 mg/dl (exceeded by 21%). The second test was performed on 13 September. During that time (43 days), Krzysztof regularly drank 3-4 litres of water per day. The results are as follows: 1. cholesterol level 177 mg/dl – normal level 120-190 mg/dl (normal), 2. triglycerides 88 mg/dl – normal level 35-150 mg/dl (normal). As you can see, after about 1.5 months of regular drinking of ionised alkaline water, cholesterol and triglycerides decreased to a safe level. If you are interested, we can show you the original tests results (of course, the customer’s personal data is confidential).


    I don’t have an ioniser at home. My son provides me with the water every few days. I had two heart attacks. Lately, I have also had problems with my prostate. I often had to get up at night and go to the toilet. Thanks to my son, I have been drinking this water since the beginning of May. At the moment, my prostate problems are gone. My doctor tells me that my prostate significantly decreased in size and I can sleep all night without waking up to urinate. Besides, I didn’t have any sudden changes in blood pressure throughout May and I didn’t have to take any medicine to lower my blood pressure.

    Adolf, Błonie near Tarnów, Poland

    This is incredible. It should be taught at school from an early age, on social studies or on dietetics. Now to the point: I have been drinking ionised water for 3 years. After 6 months of drinking it (in large amounts), my cholesterol, with which I had always had problems, decreased below the allowable maximum. My problem with hypertension disappeared (God, I was so happy). And I lost almost 13 kilograms. I am not an Einstein, so I cannot say what happened (I mean, what is there in this water?), but I know that it helped me a lot. I drink it every day between 2 and 3 litres. I recommended it to my brother-in-law. Recently, he has told me that it really helped him with his gout problems. The bouts of pain occur much less often, there are even days that he has no bouts at all. Tell everyone about this water!

    Anna (57) from Włodawa, Poland

    Due to drinking water from my ioniser, my blood sugar level has dropped! I used to have an average of 450 mg/dl; now my results are normal. I used to take three insulin injections daily; now I rarely take any. My blood pressure is normal due to this water as well. I drink about 2 litres of ionised alkaline water daily. I recommend it to all the people, both the sick and the healthy for prevention.

    Anna from Sosnowiec, Poland

    Hello. I have bought a water ioniser. I am very satisfied. My son developed type I diabetes in October 2013. He doesn’t take insulin now.


    Hello. I was looking for water filters or something else to purify water in the Internet and I found many filters, water conditioners and similar devices. Ionisers got my attention and it took me a month of daily searching to read all the pros and cons. I was surprised that all arguments were positive and I couldn’t find anything against. It took me a week more to decide whether to buy a small one or a big one. Finally, I decided to buy aQuator Silver. Although I have had it for just a month now, I have to admit honestly that my well-being improved dramatically. I usually go to sleep at 11 or 12 p.m. and wake up spontaneously about 5 a.m. (which is an hour ahead of time) and, strangely, I feel great, well rested and full of energy. I gave up drinking coffee in the afternoon. My daughter has hypothyroidism and I will monitor if any changes occur in her case as a result of drinking alkaline water. I will write it here after some time. As far as acid water is concerned, I use it for my daughter’s acne. I was shocked when her spots began to disappear after four days of cleaning her face with acidic water (and this is when the cost of the ioniser began to be compensated – by the way, the money I would spend on a beautician would be higher than the price of the ioniser). I try to popularise this water by taking my ioniser or water to my family. I’m really shocked how ignorant people are and how strong their belief in the healing power of drugs is, but my sister will have to change her habits as I have already bought her the same ioniser I have. She just deserves to drink better water than she drinks now from a ridiculous pitcher with a filter without pre-boiling – she unconsciously poisons herself. Greetings to you all.


    Ewka from Nowy Staw, Poland

    I have been ill for 8 years. I have problems with my entire digestive system (reflux, hyperacidity, duodenal ulcers, bowel hypersensitivity, haemorrhoids…). I’ve been through many tests, including the “pleasant” ones such as gastroscopy (three times!) and colonoscopy. I’ve taken thousands of pills and to what effect? No significant changes, and as we know, medications help with one thing but damage another one. I did it for a long time, believing that I would feel better, until I began to doubt it. Was I always going to feel so bad, would I have to continue cancelling meetings due to my gastric problems? That was enough and I was depressed. Then I met Jan who told me about water ionisation process and guaranteed that I would be better in a few months. After years of ineffective treatment, I had nothing to lose and I decided to give it a try. After two months, I noticed a significant improvement, the reflux and gastric hyperacidity decreased to almost zero, and even the ulcers have been less painful. This is the result of drinking 2 litres of water daily and a diet (adapting to the rules of healthy food, drinking water 30 minutes before and 1 hour after meals – especially important for hypersensitive bowels). Humans in 70% consist of water, which shows how much it is necessary for us. Our tap water is awful and contaminated, but after ionisation, it is free of scale and perfect for drinking. I love travelling and I know very well that water quality is different in various places, so I recommend PTV-KL, a small ioniser, which will fit into your suitcase. There is a lot of work ahead of me and I have to persist in my diet and drinking water, but once you see the effects, you feel definitely better and just want to live your life to the fullest 🙂

    Jacek from Tarnów, Poland

    Hello! After a year of drinking about 3 litres of ionised alkaline water I’m incredibly happy with my health condition. Before that, I used to take a whole set of drugs for my cholesterol, gout and hypertension. I was also obese – I used to weigh 95 kg. As this year passed by, I drank 3 litres of ionised alkaline water every day and, to my great surprise, I was gradually getting better. At first, I stopped taking drugs for my gout, cholesterol and triglycerides (I’ve forgot to mention that I also used to have a high level of triglycerides). When I had my tests done, I was absolutely taken aback: uric acid was normal, triglycerides – normal, and cholesterol was 200 – slightly above normal. I continued to drink this miraculous water as I called it and, to my delight, I was losing weight. Throughout this year, I’ve lost 25 kg and I weigh 70 kg now. I feel definitely incomparably better. Now, after the longest period in this year, I completely stopped taking drugs for my hypertension. Some days my blood pressure is even a bit low. I’m a completely healthy person and some time ago I took a whole bunch of drugs that I was supposed to take till the end of my life. I recommend drinking this marvellous ionised alkaline water. Everything I’ve written is true and it’s not a fairy tale.

    Maria (55) from Luboń near Poznań, Poland

    Yes, I definitely recommend drinking alkaline water for gout, cholesterol and triglycerides. I have been drinking it for a month and after receiving my tests results, I was pleasantly surprised. I have been struggling with those for many years and even after taking medicine, I have never had such good results as after drinking this wonderful alkaline water from your ioniser. I drink about 3 litres a day, I don’t take any medicine and the results are normal. Honestly. Uric acid decreased from 7.2 mg to 5.7 mg, cholesterol – from 289 mg to 200 mg, triglycerides – from 209 mg to 131 mg. I recommend drinking alkaline water to all people, both sick and healthy.

    Maria from Luboń, Poland

    Of course, we use the ioniser. We drink only alkaline water and cook in it. It is tasty. My parents-in-law also drink this water and the most spectacular effects were observed by my father-in-law. After two months of using it, the doctor noticed prostate reduction and less visits to the toilet at night. Owing to alkaline water, my wife doesn’t have heartburn and her migraines became less severe. She flushes her throat and sinuses with acidic water and has observed an instant improvement. We also use acidic water for cleaning various surfaces.

    As far as I’m concerned, I got used to drinking water in general. I take it to my work every day. I sleep better. I fall asleep faster – I always had problems with it. I also hope that the water will have a positive effect in my fight against MS, although I haven’t found any information about using alkaline water with this disease.

    Mariusz from Mysłowice, Poland

    Hello everyone!

    I would like to share my opinion on alkaline water. My history with this water began about 1.5 years ago when I bought an ioniser. I had serious problems with indigestion and gastroenteritis. I had diarrhoea after practically everything I ate. Then I started drinking water from the ioniser. At first, my diarrhoea was even more severe and I began to vomit more often. This is when I started to have doubts and I stopped using the ioniser. However, after some time, I got back to it. The situation was exactly as before – diarrhoea and vomiting. Yet, I didn’t give up this time and survived it. After a month of drinking ionised water, my diarrhoea and vomiting suddenly disappeared. I didn’t have indigestion any more. Now, after this period of using the water, I can say that my gastroenteritis is gone, as indicated by my recent test results. I try to drink at least 1.5 litres of this water every day. I met Jan (the owner of this website) during a training he conducted on a completely different topic related to production. We had a long conversation about the outstanding impact of ionised water on stimulating life. Now I have decided to write something to assure you that this water really helps.

    Greetings to you all.


    Piotr from Chorzów, Poland

    I have been drinking water from the ioniser for a year now. I have problems with gout. Before, bouts of pain occurred very often. When I started drinking this water, the bouts almost disappeared. They sometimes still occur but I think it is because I ate something I shouldn’t have. Of course, you need to keep a proper diet apart from drinking water. However, I recommend ionised water. It helped me a lot.

    Sanok JK

    My adventure with alkaline (living) and acidic (dead) water began in 1989. It has been 25 years now and I can say a lot on this subject. I know numerous examples of healing. When I was working, even my co-workers used to come to me with minor or major health problems, ranging from cuts, burns, the flu, colds, diarrhoea, toothache and various purulent inflammations even to treating nerve roots, joints, haemorrhoids, getting rid of kidney stones and many many more, instead of visiting the medical station. I’ll describe the last cure in this year. A friend of mine injured her hand and forearm on Corpus Christi very badly – the flesh was almost ripped out, the vein was standing out, and the blood was pouring very fast. Because she had alkaline water at home, she quickly began to rinse the injury with this water. She was astonished when less and less blood was pouring out, the wounds were getting smaller and the pain was fading away. Literally after 10 minutes she put on a dressing and went to wash the staircase from the blood. Today, which is 3 months since that happened, you can say that only tiny traces are left, as if she cut herself with a razor blade. Her neighbour, a doctor, saw this before and after healing and was curious about what she used to treat the wound. My friend told her and you can imagine the doctor’s reaction – she wanted to know how my friend had got it, as she had been looking for this for 20 years in pharmacies and herbal stores. The doctor knew somebody that was treated with such water and was healthy very quickly. There’s no point in dwelling on this – it’s enough to just buy an ioniser and you can get rid of many health problems without burdening your body by taking drugs. There is no comparison between our health and the price of the device. I recommend it, it’s worth it.


    Wanda from Chorzów, Poland

    I bought an ioniser half a year ago. I’m impressed as I was on the straight road to diabetes. As early as after 4 months, my pancreas was normal (this is when I had control tests) and all the parameters got better. I would like to mention that when I drank alkaline water, I didn’t use any medication because I wanted to find out how the water worked itself. It really works 🙂 I only regret that it doesn’t have a slimming effect on me, although I don’t lose hope that my weight will eventually be normal along with the improvement of my health.


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