The basis of a proper workout is to prevent muscle soreness.

If you work out, you know well that free radicals and sore muscles due to physical exercise are quite troublesome for your body. The accompanying pain is associated with anaerobic glycolysis and the production of lactic acid. In the body, the oxygen and pH levels are also reduced. Tired muscles, strong dehydration and the loss of mineral salts result in a sharp drop of your endurance. Of course, this can be prevented.

Alkaline water is a natural, effective and sugar-free isotonic drink.

The acids produced should be neutralised, and ionised alkaline water, which contains no sugar or colour pigments, works perfectly as an isotonic drink. It has antioxidant properties as it flushes acids and free radicals out of your body. It is quickly absorbed by your body due to its smaller clusters of water molecules, and the minerals it contains provide your organism with an electric charge that is necessary to replenish lost electrolytes.

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