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2 March 2015
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When talking about reducing the acidification of our bodies, it is understood that eating habits must be changed – you should increase the intake of alkalinising food. This is a very significant factor. However, body acidification is affected to the greatest extent by stress, negative emotions caused by feelings such as jealousy, lying, anger, selfishness, etc. Let us contemplate why people always wanted peace on earth the most. No wonder that the priest invites the faithful to pass the “sign of peace” during a Catholic Holy Mass. Thus, the clarity of thought, ability to be happy about every moment of our lives, love and compassion towards others, peace of mind and harmony are essential for maintaining our health in a good condition. Of course, it is not easy to achieve it in our lives full of stressful situations. However, if we want to be healthy, we must seek to do it. A good rest and the ability to relax are also ways to alkalise our bodies. Unfortunately, it is not easy to achieve it for people with strong body acidification. Owing to the excessive amount of acids, often our adrenal glands are exhausted – such persons react to everything very nervously and are subject to frequent changes of mood. Because our organism wants new “doses” of acid all the time, it seems that such persons are not capable of maintaining stable mental condition.

Our contemporary eating habits have significant impact on the acidification of our organisms: no natural, non-processed products in our diet and consumption of sparkling water. In most Western countries, acidifying diet is the most popular. We eat like this, our friends eat like this, we celebrate our holidays like this and only after a dose of such food we are full and feel relief. When we eat more alkalising products (salads, vegetables, fruit, freshly-squeezed juices, etc.), the balance of alkaline and acidic substances is restored – the acidification of our organism decreases. Unfortunately, the transition to alkaline diet is quite complicated as it needs a lot of creativity in order to prepare many various meals of rather small amount of commonly available alkalising products.

The recently popular supplementation of our diet with vitamins and microelements allows us, when it is regular, to supplement the alkaline elements in our body. Unfortunately, such additives are frequently not cheap and not everyone can afford them. Furthermore, manufacturers by focusing on financial gains give misleading or incomplete information about the supplements they offer.

Drink more water. Water is a solvent that bathes our cells, removes toxic substances and moisturises the skin. Water processed in our organism is the main component of the interstitial fluid. Our body organs “swim” in this fluid, it provides the cells with nutrients and removes waste products from the body.

Each cell must be saturated with water in order to ensure proper sequence of all processes, i.e. we should provide our body with 2÷2.5 litres of water a day. Unfortunately, drinking of fizzy drinks “flavoured” with artificial sweeteners, coffee or exotic tea instead of clear water became a common habit. We are not able to and we do not want to drink clear water. Yes: water – and not drinks that replace it. People claim that they do not feel the need to drink so much water every day. They drink only when they are thirsty. But when we begin to feel thirsty, our body already needs 0.5-1 litre of water. Therefore, our cells are often not saturated enough and this in turn complicates the chemical processes of our organism, including also the removal of acidic residues.

Continuous supply of water to our organism is the essential condition to decrease the acidification of our body. Acidic residues of metabolism are removed most efficiently by means of ionised alkaline water.

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