All indications are that the source of cancer is known but not much is done with it

Cancer is the second most frequent reason for premature death. Younger and younger people have this disease. Huge funds are allocated to research but the definite answer to the question of cause for cancer has still not been found. Perhaps the reason is that the factor of acid-alkaline balance in the human body is underestimated.

Let us examine some facts that support medical research:

  • The pH value of cancer cells is always acidic, while the pH of healthy cells is alkaline (which is consistent with the fact that blood and other internal organs are alkaline)
  • There is much less oxygen in acidic environment (so fermentation processes develop)
  • Medical experiments showed that healthy cells exposed to acidic substances died in a relatively short period of time. Also, an inverse process was observed – alkalising the cancer environment caused the uncontrolled division of cancer cells to stop at the beginning and eventually brought about their death.

These three experimental facts suggest that there is a direct relationship between the body acid-alkaline balance and the development of cancer cells. Therefore, the first thing to change when a cancer process has been diagnosed is making the internal body environment slightly alkaline. Perhaps because it is too simple and obvious for the current pharmacology, it is deliberately omitted so that new medications could be created.

So far, conventional medicine has not been able to give the cause of cancer. However, the last few decades brought a lot of valuable evidence, in which scientists associated the creation of pathological cells with their biological environment.

The greatest contribution in this sphere was made by Otto Warburg, a German biochemist. He received a Nobel Prize for his discovery in 1931. He found that the reason for the creation of cancer cells is the lack of oxygen. It leads to the reduction of energy in a body cell which results in the fact that glucose is not combusted (or oxidised) in the cells, as there is too little oxygen for such reaction. Due to the lack of oxygen, fermentation takes place, in which lactic acid is produced. Thus, the cellular environment is even more acidified.

This discovery led to the creation of a number of therapies aimed at supplying more oxygen. These include consuming hydrogen peroxide or ozone. Research shows that such therapies have a very positive effect on human body, but health improvement is usually short-time, as the acidic environment of the body, which is the underlying cause, is not neutralised.

On the other hand, Herman Aihara and Keiichi Morishita, Japanese scientists, proved that if blood pH drops, the body is forced to accumulate the excess of acidic compounds (which is also one of the major causes for obesity). The more acidic toxins, the more blood thickens. When our blood is thickened, red blood cells (erythrocytes) clump and fail to transport the appropriate amount of oxygen into cells. Healthy cells die in acidified environment. However, some cells adapt to such conditions and instead of dying, they survive and start to grow in an uncontrolled way. The process of cancer cell creation is triggered.

These two theories of the creation of cancer cells are complementary. The Japanese scientists indicated that acidification of the interstitial fluid is the reason for cancer. In turn, Otto Warburg found that the primary cause of cancer is the lack of oxygen in body cells. However, he did not study the reasons for oxygen deficiency or determine them. It can be said that Warburg indicated the results of body acidification and Japanese scientists identified its causes.

Sauberes TrinkwasserStart the treatment from changing the environment in which your cells live

The pH of cancer cells is acidic and of healthy cells – alkaline. There are often situations in which metastases occur during cancer treatment. This is probably because the environment of such body is acidified, so perfect (anaerobic) conditions for the development of further cancer cells are still present. It was scientifically proven that cancer cells are killed during the treatment with strong alkaline solution (sodium hydroxide) with pH above 13. Of course, such therapy cannot be used without medical supervision. However, in contrast to chemotherapy and radiation treatment, alkalising the body is not harmful to healthy cells, which surround the cancer ones.

There is a slower and less drastic anti-cancer therapy – drinking large amounts of ionised alkaline water. Why is it so effective? After electrolysis, such water is densely saturated with dissociated alkaline metals (Na, K, Ca, Mg), which help the blood to neutralise acidic residues. The neutralisation of acidic compounds by alkali metals produces salts, which are washed out by the blood and later removed with urine. What is worth emphasising is that during such neutralisation reaction, two ions (OH-) create a water molecule and release an additional oxygen atom. As we can see, water works on two sides. It not only de-acidifies the body but also provides the cells with additional oxygen. It means that it perfectly changes the internal conditions into more unfavourable to the development of cancer cells.

The research carried out in German health institutes has proven the effectiveness of alkaline water in combating cancer. Studies on animals, which drank alkaline water, confirmed the significant improvement of their immune systems (increased secretion of antibodies) which finally resulted in stopping the process of cancer cell division. Such water also has a preventive effect. Drinking of this water leads to the improvement of blood circulation, better supply of oxygen and neutralisation of free radicals in human body.

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