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5 June 2017
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7 June 2017
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aQuator mini silver water ioniser

Leader among home water ionisers

This model had its debut in the first quarter of 2017 and it immediately gained recognition among those who wanted to recover as well as stay healthy for long years to come. This model uses the advantages of its predecessor – PTV-KL ioniser – and combines them with some new features that make it a perfect choice for you.

Even more alkaline water!

The 1.5 litre ioniser can produce alkaline and acidic water simultaneously. So far, the alkaline/acidic water ratio has been 0.8 : 0.7, but the newest innovative improvements in this model allow its users to prepare as much as 1.1 litre of ionised alkaline water. It is possible due to reducing the size of the removable acidic water container to 0.4 litre. By using tap water, you can prepare alkaline water with pH from 8.2 to 11.2 and acidic water with pH from 3 to 6.8. By using distilled water, you can produce colloidal silver with a concentration from 0.01 mg/l to 35 mg/l.

The ioniser kit includes:

  • aQuator mini silver water ioniser,
  • a removable acidic water container,
  • 3 semipermeable membranes,
  • user's manual and technical specification,
  • a round silver electrode,
  • information concerning the recommendations for the use of alkaline, acidic and “silver” water,
  • an electrode stand,
  • a package with a protecting film.



Perfect ioniser for those who want to be healthy

Aquator Mini Silver is an appliance which allows you to prepare ionised alkaline and acidic water as well as silver water at home. As in the previous PTV-KL model, the ioniser’s capacity is 1.5 litre, which means that it is designed for one or two persons. Alkaline water has a wide variety of health benefits, it works preventively and supports recovery. Daily drinking of such water helps to restore the acid-alkaline balance of the human body as well as prevents pathogenic acidification. On the other hand, acidic water is meant to be used externally – it can be successfully used as, for instance, a disinfectant.

Significant changes for the better!

The change in proportions of alkaline and acidic water prepared is the major change in this ioniser. Moreover, it is noteworthy that a new model of the silver electrode as well as its clamping have been implemented in this device. Due to this fact, the electrode can be unscrewed, which has a direct impact on its stability during the ioniser’s work. In addition to that, the electronic part of the device was inspected and upgraded and the previous membranes have been replaced with their more modern equivalents made of a different, more durable material that is resistant to deformation during ionisation and drying. The overall changes introduced have a significant impact on the comfort of use, thereby making the ioniser an attractive offer among other similar appliances.

Wise investment in health

Inappropriate diet, the use of stimulants and environmental pollution have a direct impact on the condition of human health. Acidification of the human body is one of the most frequent causes for suffering and the lack of comfortable life. By drinking alkaline water, you can detoxify your organism, improve the condition of you cells, purify your blood and restore the acid-alkaline balance. You can prepare such water all by yourself at home with little effort. You just need to fill the ioniser with tap water and, thanks to the process of electrolysis, the ioniser will change it within minutes into special water with health-promoting properties. The ioniser produces 1.1 litre of alkaline water with pH ranging from 8.5 to 11.4 (i.e. water which is perfect for drinking) and 0.4 litre of acidic water (for external use) with pH ranging from 2.5 to 5.

Easy and intuitive in use

The device has been designed in such a way that anybody could use it easily. It has only four buttons with which you can set the parameters and start the process of electrolysis. When the water is ready, you will be informed by an automatic timer. Therefore, the entire process is conducted in the most comfortable way possible. More importantly, the ioniser is light and it has a pleasant design that makes it naturally fit other kitchen appliances.

Colloidal silver – in harmony with nature

The ioniser has an additional very useful function, which is the possibility to produce colloidal silver by way of electrolysis. You just need to fill the ioniser with 1.5 litre of distilled water (which may be obtained at a pharmacy), attach the silver electrode provided and set the operating time. Different timer settings will result in various concentrations of colloidal silver expressed in mg/l. This model produces silver with concentration between 0.001 and 35 mg/l, which means that the obtained colloidal suspension is composed of the smallest molecules that can be obtained by decomposing matter without losing its precious qualities.

Natural antibiotic

In this form, silver behaves in the same way as an antibiotic, namely it very quickly destroys any unicellular microorganisms such as fungi, viruses and bacteria. This destructive effect of colloidal silver stems from the fact that silver molecules penetrate microorganisms and deactivate the enzyme that is used for oxygen acquisition. What is vital is the fact that colloidal silver works selectively, i.e. it does not destroy organisms that are useful for our bodies. Unbelievable as it may seem, no germ has been discovered that would not be destroyed by colloidal silver within 10 minutes at a concentration of just about 5 ml/l. Unlike the so-called synthetic antibiotics (which germs can very frequently become immune to), colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic is effective in 100%. Owing to this ioniser, anybody can produce this precious and effective compound.

The ABC of Aquator Mini Silver ioniser:

  • It produces ionised water within minutes. The timer signal indicates the end of the production process.
  • Within a few minutes, it prepares 0.4 l of acidic water and 1.1 l of alkaline water – the latter being ideal for drinking.
  • It allows for preparing 1.5 l of silver water (a natural antibiotic) at a concentration ranging from 0.01 to 35 mg/l.
  • The ioniser’s electrodes are made of precious metals. The anode (positive electrode) is made of titanium coated with extremely rare and inert oxides of metals: ruthenium and iridium. The cathode (negative electrode), on the other hand, is made of an alloy of tungsten and molybdenum (medical stainless steel) coated with glassy carbon.
  • It guarantees low energy consumption during its work.

Alkaline water contains higher amounts of oxygen and helps to remove free radicals.

Alkaline water constitutes an indispensable element of everyday cooking and preparation of soft drinks.


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