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17 April 2017
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aQuator Classic water ioniser – the newest 2017 model

The newest version on the leading position

The premiere of the updated model took place in mid-2017 and it immediately gained recognition among those who take conscious care of their health. The new model is not only based on the major features of its previous version but it is also characterised, e.g., by significantly improved electronics, a new display and a more durable membrane in the new acidic water container.

Each sip brings you closer to acid-alkaline balance

As worldwide research shows, regular drinking of ionised alkaline water has a direct impact on the improvement of human health condition. However, the best evidence for the effectiveness of ionised alkaline water is a vast amount of positive feedback from many users who appreciate the fact that the ioniser has changed their lives for the better. A return to a satisfactory health condition is a matter of drinking about two litres of alkaline water every day.

The ioniser kit includes:

  • aQuator Classic water ioniser,
  • an acidic water container,
  • 3 semipermeable membranes (1 membrane can be used for 1-2 months depending on the water hardness),
  • user’s manual and technical specification in English,
  • information concerning the recommendations for the use of alkaline and acidic water,
  • an electrode stand,
  • a package with protecting film.




Now all roads lead to good health!

The ioniser is an easy-to-use home device designed for the preparation of ionised alkaline and acidic water. The device capacity is 3 litres of tap water which will change during the electrolysis process into healthy water which restores the acid-alkaline balance of the human body. Drinking such water has a direct impact on the health condition of every person and this is why it is so important to drink water with precisely adjusted pH. This model allows you to set several pH values you like, ranging from 2.4 to 11, e.g. pH 8.6 for drinking, pH 9.5 for cooking, pH 5.5 for skin and hair care, pH 4.5 for disinfection and pH 6.0 for watering plants.

New display and its advantages

The newest model of aQuator water ioniser has conquered the hearts of its users also due to its very useful display. The display has a number of convenient functions such as arrows for adjusting the settings and desired pH values as well as various messages concerning the ioniser’s operation (cleaning of electrodes, replacement of membranes, selection of your favourite pH values, etc.). If the water mineralisation is too low or too high, or too much water was poured into the container, the display will show an appropriate warning. It is also noteworthy that each user may personalise his or her ioniser, for instance, by turning on the sound or adjusting the display brightness. Even though the device is small in size, it hides a huge potential in striving for health.

Improved reliability

The previous version of aQuator  ioniser was characterised by excellent and precise workmanship and modern technological solutions applied. Nevertheless, the newest model has been equipped with improved electronics and a brand-new container for acidic water with an even more durable membrane and greater capacity – 0.7 l. It is worth mentioning that the new membrane material had been subjected to numerous tests that confirmed its increased resistance to external factors during ionisation and drying. The electrodes, as in the previous model, are made of precious metals: the anode is made of titanium coated with ruthenium and iridium oxide blends and the cathode is made of an alloy of tungsten and molybdenum.

For your beauty. For your health. For your home.

The aQuator model is an ideal option for those who want to produce alkaline water for drinking as well as acidic water for the purpose of disinfection of everyday items. The ioniser has two containers, between which a membrane is placed in order to prevent acidic and alkaline water from mixing. By buying the 2017 model, each family gains healthy water suitable for everyday drinking, acidic water for external use and, in the case of the “Silver” option, a possibility to produce colloidal silver that constitutes a natural antibiotic at home. Therefore, it is a comprehensive investment in the health of all your family members. 


Produce ionised alkaline water yourself to guarantee:

  • maintenance of the acid-alkaline balance,
  • cancer risk reduction,
  • reduction of susceptibility to many illnesses,
  • full detoxification of your body,
  • vitality and good well-being!

Alkaline water is recommended in the treatment of the following ailments:

  • gout,
  • diabetes,
  • high cholesterol and triglycerides,
  • hypertension,
  • cancer,
  • osteoporosis,
  • kidney stones,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • excess weight,
  • eye and skin diseases,
  • stomach ulcers,
  • heartburn and flatulence.


2 years

Lead time

up to 3 working days


Brand new


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