Here, pH is always alkaline.

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Our body is a complicated machine, in which various chemical and biochemical reactions occur. Our organism will function optimally, i.e. it will be healthy, only when certain specified conditions are met. Those conditions involve: access to adequate nutrients, such as: fats, proteins, vitamins, enzymes and microelements. Then, it is strictly defined body temperature. There is also third condition, i.e. the pH value of an organism, in other words, what the relation of concentration of bases to acids is in our organism.

Firstly, a few words about pH. As you probably remember from your chemistry classes in school, the pH of any compound is measured by the amount of hydrogen (H+) ions and hydroxyl (OH-) ions contained in that compond. The pH values are from 0 to 14. When pH value is 7, this means that the given compound is neutral. When pH values drop below 7, we are dealing with an acid. Whereas, when pH values are above 7, it is a base.

Why is pH value so important for our health? Each product consumed by us undergoes the metabolic process. This is a series of reactions in our organism which aim at providing nutrients and energy. Our organism is like a large chemical laboratory, where from one compound other compounds are created. And here is the gist. Products of that metabolism may be of acidic or alkaline nature. If, as a result of metabolism, compounds are created that contain: calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium or iron, we say that compounds of basic (alkaline) nature are created. However, if compounds are created that contain: phosphorus, sulphur, chlorine or iodine, those will be compounds of acidic nature. The pH of a given foodstuff does not depend on its flavour but on the products created when the organism digests that foodstuff. Example: lemon is sour but after the reactions in our cells, it creates compounds that are highly alkaline.

The pH value in our organism is not constant. Various organs of our body maintain pH value at various levels. The most important conclusion is that apart from urea and gastric acid (hydrochloric acid, which iscreated only for the purposes of digestion), all our organs are slightly alkaline. However, acidic residues are secreted by our cardiovascular and urinary systems. Latest dietary recommendations are: each person, in order to be healthy, should maintain the following proportions of consumed foodstuffs: 20% of acidic compounds (meat, dairy, sugars, wheat products, carbonated drinks containing colourings) and 80% of alkaline compounds (vegetables, fruit, dark bread, water).

Maintaining proper alkalinity is so important for the organism that the body activates a special blood buffer system in order to neutralise the excessive acidification, wherever it occurs. Therefore, maintaining proper pH of your body is the prescription for health.


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