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Obesity is nowadays a serious problem in many countries, especially in highly developed ones. Being overweight, which is related to obesity, leads to diseases of the nervous, circulatory and digestive systems. It causes diabetes as well as poor well-being and chronic fatigue. It is caused by inappropriate nutrition, lack of physical exercise and lack of basic knowledge about metabolic processes. Current diets tell you what to eat and what to avoid. These diets are concentrated on the types of “intake” food. What is important for these kinds of diets is what, how much and how often we eat during a day. Almost none of them is focused on the pH that given food produces immediately after digestion. The pH produced after metabolic digestion of food may be alkaline or acidic. In fact, the majority of overweight people eat food with acidic pH. The essence here is that it is not the taste that determines the pH of given food but its chemical composition that remains after metabolic reactions of combustion in our bodies. The best example here is a sour lemon, which leaves a strongly alkaline pH after being processed by the digestive juice. Sugars are especially acidifying. According to the folk saying, “IF YOUR YOUTH WAS SWEET, YOUR OLD YEARS WILL BE SOUR”.

Why is the pH of digested food so important?

The pH of our bodies is slightly alkaline. Almost all cells are generally alkaline. The only acidic compounds present in our bodies are gastric juice (hydrochloric acid which digests our food) and urine (which removes acidic residues). As it is visible, our bodies don’t tolerate acidic pH (below 7). It has been scientifically proven that acidic pH causes obesity and the problem of being overweight, whereas alkaline pH helps us to maintain the optimal weight. Why is this so? Fat is a defensive reflex of our bodies. If you eat highly acidic food (such as meat, dairy products, white bread, cake, coloured soda), you cause the creation of acidic compounds during metabolic processes. In order to remove and neutralise them, the buffer system of your blood is used. However, everything has its limits. If there are too many acids, your blood will not be able to neutralise and remove them. Therefore, acidic residues are accumulated and the process of adipose tissue creation begins, so that internal organs are separated and secured. You can be grateful to the nature as fat saves your life. It absorbs and neutralises acids, but energy benefits are very small here. If you gradually acidify your body, you also cause the excessive growth of microbes. Acidified body has a smaller amount of oxygen in the blood. The less oxygen there is, the more fermentation processes we have. Microbes love such environment. These are mainly yeasts and fungi, which produce mycotoxins (strongly acidic faeces). The liver is responsible for the inactivation or detoxification of these toxins. Such additional burden to this organ results in the reduction of its effectiveness. This is reflected in the poorer metabolism of sugars and fats. As you can see, the vicious circle of creation of additional kilograms begins to spin endlessly.

What is the reason why ionised alkaline water effectively removes obesity?

If you are not able to go on a diet and give up certain types and amounts of food, you can use a much easier method. It will be enough for you to drink about 1 litre of ionised alkaline water per 18-20 kilograms of your body, and you will notice a change in your weight in a relatively short period of time. If you add intensive exercise, the effects will be even faster. These amounts of water will be not small – an average of 3-4 litres daily, but it is necessary until you reach the optimal weight. Later, it will be enough if you drink 1.5-2.5 litres of water every day.

How does it work? Water electrolysed in a device called water ioniser changes its properties. First of all, such water has much lower surface tension, which is particularly important for obese people. I am sure you have used a soap or a washing powder. These substances are added to water in order to make it “softer”, i.e. reduce the surface tension. Because of that, such water dissolves and washes out contaminations much easier. If you drink ionised alkaline water with surface tension similar to the surface tension of your blood, you will provide your body with the best natural solvent possible. The following video shows how such solvent, i.e. alkaline water, deals with fat in your body. It just dissolves and removes it.

Secondly, such water has smaller molecules. Ionised alkaline water is often called structural water. What does it do to an obese person? Fat cells may be accumulated in various parts of the body. In order to get into the cell, water must first penetrate the cell membrane. The smaller the water particle is, the easier and faster it can get into the cell and wash out the fat from it.

Thirdly, water with slightly alkaline pH contains highly active alkaline minerals (in a dissociated form). These minerals play a very significant role in neutralising acidic residues in the blood and cells.

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