Gout (also known as podagra or arthritis) is caused by the overproduction of uric acid and its salts in a human body. Uric acid is a clear and unscented substance. It is formed in our bodies as a result of chemical reactions of nitrogen-containing compounds. It is one of few substances insoluble in water. However, uric acid is soluble in alkali salts. This characteristic of this substance is very significant and used during drinking ionised alkaline water. In a normally functioning body, the greater part of uric acid is removed by the blood, whereas about 25-30% is decomposed by bacteria in the digestive tract. When its amount in the blood is significantly increased, the accumulation of uric acid salts is triggered.

Why does it happen? When problems with uric acid overproduction occur in the body, the concentration of this substance in the blood increases. The blood undergoes gradual acidification. In order to bring our body back to proper functioning, it firstly should keep a constant temperature as well as constant pH of liquids. The most important point is the stability of blood pH. The body keeps the blood pH in a very narrow scope from 7.35 to 7.45. Even the smallest deviation has a great impact on the biochemical and electrical processes that take place in the body. These small changes of the blood pH can even lead to comatose or death.

Of course, the human body is not passive with regard to pH variation. Nature has equipped us with a defence system which allows us to maintain the body fluid pH using the so-called blood buffers. There are two types of buffers in our blood. These are alkaline and acidic components (hydrogen carbonates and carbonic acid, respectively) which keep the blood pH within this narrow scope. Here, in case of the excessive concentration of uric acid, the alkaline buffers start working. They neutralise the acid to its salts, which have the ability to granulate and accumulate.

These salts are very often accumulated in the kidneys, hands and feet (the big toe is usually affected). Inflammation (a disruption of the structure of the articular cartilage) occurs in the place of uric acid salts accumulation. In the long run, it can lead to the damage of joints. Then, severe and painful swellings are formed. In case of chronic gout, the so-called tophi, which are deposits of uric acid in soft tissues, and often bone defects appear. In addition, the very high level of uric acid causes the destruction of brain cells and negatively affects the nervous system. In most cases, it leads to increased blood pressure, neuroses and also insomnia.

The root cause of this disease is the acidification of the body caused by inappropriate diet. Accumulation of uric acid salts in various organs is only the body’s answer to this problem. So far, the causes related to the metabolism of uric acid have not been discovered. There is also no effective cure. The treatment involves mainly taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs only when painful attacks of the disease appear. The majority of such drugs increase the body acidification and additionally escalate the problem. Obviously, this is only fighting with the symptoms and not with the root cause. A gout diet should consist of foods free from purines, i.e. compounds with high nitrogen content (such as meat, fats, coffee, alcohol, spinach).

dna moczanowaEffective functioning of ionised alkaline water

You are probably asking yourself, what appropriate structure means. All kinds of water are different. In order to have a therapeutic effect in case of gout, the water must meet certain criteria.

These are:

  • alkaline pH (it needs to provide alkaline minerals in a dissociated form to keep the proper level of blood pH),
  • low surface tension (much better dissolving capacity, in this case, dissolution of uric acid),
  • smaller structure of water molecules (which means that it should be the so-called structural water – which leads to its better liquidity and easier penetration of cell membranes).

Ionised alkaline water meets all these criteria. The video below shows the properties of alkaline water as extremely effective solvent. This is an example which uses tomatoes and tea.

Below you can find accounts of people who regularly drink ionised alkaline water.
The treatment using alkaline water will be effective if you drink from 2 to 3.5 litres of it every day (the added amount depends on the person’s body weight and is equal to the weight of the body multiplied by 30 ml of alkaline water). People who underwent this treatment indicate that with such consumption of water, gout attacks disappeared within 1-2 months and the level of uric acid decreased significantly. After drinking alkaline water regularly for some time, the problem with gout disappears.

  1. “Yes, I definitely recommend drinking alkaline water for gout, cholesterol and triglycerides. I have been drinking it for a month and after receiving my test results, I was pleasantly surprised. I have been struggling with this for many years and even after taking medicine, I have never had such good results as after drinking this wonderful alkaline water from your ioniser. I drink about 3 litres of water a day, I don’t take medicine and the results are normal. Honestly. Uric acid decreased from 7.2 mg to 5.7 mg, cholesterol – from 289 mg to 200 mg, triglycerides – from 209 mg to 131 mg. I recommend drinking alkaline water to all sick and healthy people.” Maria from Luboń
  2. “Yes, I definitely recommend drinking alkaline water for gout. I have been drinking it for 2 months and I almost forgot about the pain.” Piotr Roszkowski
  3. “I have been drinking water from the ioniser for a year now. I have problems with gout. Before, attacks of pain occurred very often. When I started drinking this water, the attacks almost disappeared. They sometimes still occur but I think it is because of the fact that I ate something I shouldn’t have. Of course, you need to keep a proper diet apart from drinking this water. However, I recommend ionised water. It helped me a lot.” Sanok JK
  4. “This is incredible. It should be taught at school from an early age, on Social Studies or on dietetics. Now to the point: I have been drinking ionised water for 3 years. After 6 months of drinking it (in large amounts), my cholesterol, which I had always had problems with, decreased below the allowable maximum. My problem with hypertension disappeared (God, I was so happy). And I lost almost 13 kilograms. I am not an Einstein so I cannot say what happened (I mean, what is in this water), but I know that it helped me a lot. I drink it every day between 2 and 3 litres. I recommended it to my brother-in-law. Recently, he told me that it really helped him with his gout problems. The attacks of pain occur much less often, there are even days that he has no attacks at all. If you can, tell everyone about this water.” Anna from Włodawa – 57


Ionised alkaline water is produced in devices called water ionisers. The operation of these devices is very simple and allows you to produce this water at home. Information about what it is and how it works can be found here. If you drink this water, firstly, you help your blood to maintain the proper scope of its pH, and secondly, alkaline water washes away crystalline salts of uric acid. Also important is the fact that alkaline water has a strong reductive effect as it contains free electrons. Drinking this water eliminates the so-called free radicals from our bodies. Thus, ionised alkaline water has a preventive effect and protects against the formation of cancer cells. In addition, it deacidifies our organs and has very positive impact on the general state of our health (it is particularly recommended in case of diabetes, hypertension or obesity).

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