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Fatigue is probably the most significant symptom that your body has lost its pH balance and is acidified. It has been medically proven that there is considerably less oxygen in an acidified organism. Oxygen is required for metabolic combustion reactions. If it is missing, microbes which love anaerobic environment cause fermentation reactions. Carbohydrates in the body, especially glucose, are not combusted with oxygen but are fermented and become a breeding ground for the excessive growth of microorganisms. Thus, those microorganisms, and not our bodies, receive vital energy. Apart from this, if they are not removed from our bodies, they produce very harmful toxins which reduce the absorption of proteins, minerals and other nutrients by the cells. If the cells are inadequately nourished, this reduces their ability to produce enzymes, hormones and many other substances that determine the proper functioning of organs and, more importantly, provide our bodies with life energy. One of the most dangerous toxins is acetaldehyde, which is produced in the process of glucose fermentation due to microorganisms. It significantly affects the uptake of proteins and production of enzymes (even destroys them). The excess of this substance in a human body causes severe fatigue, intellectual problems, depression and mental illnesses. This is due to its strong destructive impact on brain cells. As we know, the liver is responsible for detoxification of our bodies. In the case of acetaldehyde, the liver converts it into alcohol. This is a vicious circle: less oxygen, more alcohol. In addition to that, in the long term, the increased activity of pancreas, liver and adrenals causes diseases associated with these organs.

In order to get out of this maze, you have to change the inner environmental conditions of your body. Above all, you need your body to reach a pH balance. All the toxins must be removed on a regular basis. You need to change your eating habits to more alkaline products. And, a fundamental condition relating to the above, you need to drink large quantities of water every day, preferably slightly alkaline. If you discipline yourself and drink ca. 30 ml of water per 1 kg of your body, you will remove the underlying cause of your fatigue – de-acidify your body. If you create the proper environment for your organism, it will take care of the appropriate microbial level itself so that the amount of microorganisms is safe for you. We encourage you to drink ionised alkaline water. You can create the incredible effects of vital energy yourself.

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