Here, pH is always acidic.

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We can admire how fast our organism is able to adapt in order to survive in conditions that are very unfavourable. We create those conditions ourselves. They depend on our nutrition, lifestyle and negative thinking patterns. Certainly, we are not capable of knowing various types of chemical reactions and metabolic processes by means of which our body wants to restore its balance, i.e. in other words, wants to be healthy.

For this purpose, its protective mechanisms were created. In order to understand what it means to be healthy, it is important to know that as a result of most chemical, biochemical and electrical reactions, different by-products are produced. Those are mainly toxins and free radicals. Their prolonged occurrence in our organism is harmful to us, therefore, they must be secreted or made harmless as quickly as possible. Toxins, which have acidic pH, are especially harmful to our health. Medicine has already proven the fact that compounds with acidic pH, which are not removed from our organism, will deposit in various organs or close to them. It is also known that acidification of an organism results in blood thickening, which is the reason for its weak penetration through cell membranes. This causes that fewer nutrients and less oxygen will be delivered as well as less metabolic waste will be removed. Depending on the organ by which excessiveaccumulation of acidic waste begins, such organ will start to fail. This makes the functioning of such organ more difficult, diseases will start to develop (generally, without any symptoms in the first phase) and the process of ageing is much faster.

Currently, the situation is that the conventional medicine is not always able to fully recognise the condition, i.e. the source. What does it mean? Presently, medical science adopted very narrow diagnosis specialisation and treatment of individual organs. Such perception on human health makes it difficult to evaluate the overall condition for a simple reason that there is no diagnosis of the internal environment i.e. the acid-alkaline balance.

Individual organs of a patient are treated and not the organism as a whole. Since this process involves the entire body, there is no medical specialisation that could deal with this process. In order to delay ageing and be healthy, the sources of diseases must be known. Isn’t it strange that a patient with one condition, soon after begins to haveproblems with other diseases. Frequently, this pattern is compared to the domino effect. So, the main reason for health problems is the accumulation of acidic residues in the organism. Depending on the place of their accumulation, this will be the place where various symptoms will begin to occur. In the menu on the left, we described various diseases, which are caused by excessive accumulation of acidic residues. The descriptions contain mainly the reasons for those diseases. We also indicate how important it is in each disease to restore the acid-alkaline balance. This balance can be achieved by drinking ionised alkaline water every day. Our body consists of water in 70%. Therefore, it is very important what quality of water we drink. Water of adequate structure consumed regularly performs the function of an ideal solvent for all by-products. It is the ionised alkaline water, which, owing to its very low surface tension and molecular structure, is able to reach the smallest elements in our cells.

Besides, owing to high saturation with free electrons, this water is the best antioxidant protecting our organism against the destructive impact of free radicals.


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