Hypertension and cholesterol

Arterial hypertension is a chronic disease of the circulatory system, which is characterised by continuous or periodic increase in blood pressure. This applies to both the systolic and diastolic pressure. Causes of the disease include hereditary and genetic factors, obesity and neurotic disorders.

Cholesterol is produced mainly in the liver and some of it is supplied with food. It is present in our blood in the form of two components: LDL cholesterol referred to as “bad” and HDL cholesterol called “good”. LDL cholesterol contributes to the development of atherosclerotic plaques.

In his studies, Kancho Kuninaka, a Japanese scientist (precursor of the use of alkaline water for medical purposes), provided much evidence for the decrease of blood pressure with regular drinking of appropriate amounts of alkaline water. His studies were also confirmed by Dina Aschbach, a German scientist, who treats diabetes using alkaline water.

Kancho Kuninaka found that the bodies of patients with problems with high blood pressure are significantly acidified. Body acidification is best seen in the changes of the blood pH value. Blood pH is regulated by alkaline and acidic buffers. However, in case of insufficient amount of these buffers, the blood begins to thicken. Red blood cells (erythrocytes) clump, so considerably less oxygen is transported into cells. The lack of oxygen due to body pH imbalance is one of the main causes of hypertension. You can test it yourself by doing a simple experiment. Examine your blood pressure and then inhale and exhale very deeply several times (about 10). The second measurement will show you that your blood pressure is lower. So, what happens in your circulatory system? If you inhale more deeply than normal, you supply your blood with more O2 than usual, and if you exhale very deeply, you remove much more O2. During this increased supply of oxygen to your body, the blood is more alkaline for a short time, which is immediately reflected in the blood pressure.

Drinking of alkaline water allows you to supply your body with alkaline minerals (which maintain the body pH balance), and the blood receives more oxygen. Furthermore, the blood regulates its density itself. Blood density tremendously affects the functioning of our “inner pump”, i.e. the heart. If there is enough oxygen in the blood during metabolic reactions, cholesterol does not accumulate on the blood vessel walls and no atherosclerotic plaques are created. This is due to the normal blood density. In addition, the already existing atherosclerotic plaques are dissolved by the mineral ions from alkaline water.

Proof that alkaline water worksHypertension is nowadays treated using pharmaceuticals, which eliminate its symptoms and not its causes. In most cases, these drugs may cause side effects. Drugs are usually acidic. If the internal environment of the body (related to the pH value) is not changed, the root cause will not be eradicated and the treatment will involve a lifetime of taking medications. Of course, this information does not suggest that you should stop taking drugs immediately, as it could be fatal. We only want to inform you that the cause of this affliction is related to the lack of natural body balance. However, alkaline water, which is not a medication (and does not cause any side effects), becomes a natural fluid, which helps your body to regulate the blood pressure and cholesterol level. To prove this, see the test results of one of our clients, who had his cholesterol and triglycerides levels reduced owing to the regular drinking of alkaline water.

We received the analytical test results of cholesterol and triglycerides levels from one of our clients. The tests relate to a 39-year-old male. The first test was performed on 1 August 2013 before drinking this water. The results are as follows: 1. Cholesterol: 223 mg/dl – normal level: 120-190 mg/dl (exceeded by 15%), 2. Triglycerides: 188 mg/dl – normal level: 35-150 mg/dl (exceeded by 21%). The second test was performed on 13 September. At that time (43 days), Krzysztof regularly drank 3-4 litres of water daily. Here are the test results: 1. Cholesterol: 177 mg/dl – normal level: 120-190 mg/dl (normal), 2. Triglycerides: 88 mg/dl – normal level: 35-150 mg/dl (normal). This means that after drinking ionised alkaline water regularly for almost 1.5 month, the cholesterol and triglycerides reached a safe level.

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