Do you suffer from gout?

Do your relatives suffer from gout? So, you know how difficult this opponent is. However, you may win this fight! Now you will learn how to achieve this.

Gout, also called arthritis, results from the excessive production of uric acid and its salts which have an adverse effect on the human organism. It is a transparent, odourless and very dangerous substance. When this acid is produced in excessive amounts - blood and bacteria cannot keep up with its removal and the process of deposition of its salts commences.

This dangerous uric acid is produced in chemical reactions from compounds that contain nitrogen. Dou you wonder what it means? Well, if you live a lazy lifestyle, eat unhealthy food, consume too much alcohol, meat, or too many snacks and flush them down with coloured beverages - you are certainly on the list of people who are at risk of gout.

You acidify your organism and allow it to produce excessive amounts of uric acid and its salts that are often deposited in kidneys, hands and feet. Especially, in the areas of the big toe.

Joints become inflamed and damaged, causing great pain and swelling. If you do not start to counteract the acidification of your organism, the situation will deteriorate. Chronic gout causes the occurrence of tophi that are deposits of uric acid crystals in soft tissues. Gout may even result in bony voids and many other ailments connected with this disease.

Of course, our organism does not give up without a fight and despite the fact that we harm ourselves by our bad eating habits, there are many defensive processes happening in our bodies. Before the salts of uric acid are deposited and blood pH and other bodily fluids pH become off-balance - the so called blood buffers swing into action. These are alkaline components in the form of bicarbonates and acidic components in the form of carbonic acid. These alkaline buffers maintain the blood pH within the correct range and, as a result, neutralise the uric acid to its salts. What does it mean? It means that if you start the alkalisation of your organism, first of all, you will really support the natural processes in your organism and secondly, you will protect yourself against gout.

If you are already ill, you certainly know that there is no effective cure for this. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs will not cure you and if taken in excess, they will increase the acidification of your organism, after all, this is the reason why gout occurs. Hence, by fighting the symptoms, you become more and more ill.

So, what to do?

You should immediately change your diet into a low-purine one. This is a diet that does not include compounds with high nitrogen content. So, you have to get rid of coffee, alcohol, fats and red meat. By choosing only nutritious products and by drinking properly structured and ionised water every day, you will provide your organism with alkaline minerals that are very important in fighting gout, such as: potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium in dissociated form. You will start doing exactly the same as your natural buffer processes do. You will start the alkalisation, meaning de-acidification of your organism. This is the only way to remove the accumulated acidic compounds.

Uric acid - the cause of your pain - does not dissolve in normal water, therefore, drinking normal water will not help you recover. For this purpose, water with low surface tension and smaller structure of molecules is required. Only alkaline water has such parameters. It is characterised by higher liquidity and capability of easier absorption through a cell membrane. Only then can uric acid and its salts be flushed out of your body.

Fortunately, everybody can prepare alkaline water at home. All you need is one appliance, called ioniser, and tap water poured into it. After turning it on, the process of electrolysis takes place which changes the properties of tap water into such valuable parameters of alkaline water. All of it takes only a moment.

Then, you only have to drink this alkaline water systematically. Each day, approximately 1 ½ litres. If your weight is above average - drink 2 litres. This way, you dissolve uric acid and its salts. Moreover, you help your entire organism because alkaline water has also antioxidative properties and it regulates the pH balance.

As you can see, gout is not a sentence.

All you need to do is drink alkaline water systematically as it also prevents many other ailments. The habit of drinking water from an ioniser is an investment in all your family members’ health. Help yourself! Take you first sip of health!

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Now you can produce alkaline water yourself. Each day, quickly, comfortably and on the spot. All you need is an efficient ioniser which can create healthy alkaline water through electrolysis.

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Learn about the opinions of scientists about the effects of alkaline water as well as comments of other users who have already used the ioniser.



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